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Are you mystified by net curtains? Not quite sure what they're for or where to put them?

Here is a quick guide to the benefits of net curtains:

1. Privacy: If you live on a busy street with a lot of passersby, you might start to feel like you live in a goldfish bowl. Net curtains have the magical ability to allow you to see out of the window while creating an impenetrable screen for those on the outside trying to peer in.

2. Protection from Sunlight: Perhaps your window faces South and the sun streams in all day long causing fading to your carpet and furniture. Sheer curtains will create a screen, allowing the warmth of the sun to still be felt but at the same time filtering out the damaging bright harshness.

3. Conceal an unattractive outlook: Net curtaining can provide an attractive alternative to an unappealing view. Sometimes windows look out onto brick walls or an untidy neighbour's garden. A pretty piece of net curtain with a good, full gather, will screen the outlook completely.

4. Dress a window: You may have no need for curtains but want to soften a space. Adding a floor length drop of sheer white voile curtains won't dominate the interior but will add a touch of softness.

5. Net curtains can be very budget friendly. With our most economical net curtain Foxley starting at £1.25 per metre, you could curtain an entire house for less than £40.

6. As net curtains are highly visible from the outside of the house the look of your home can be instantly refreshed for a fraction of the expense and effort of re-painting the windows and door for example.

If you need help with measuring and ordering, please links to all of the information on the left hand side of this page. There is also a handy step-by-step guide to ordering net curtains which you can access by clickingon the banner at the top of this page.