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New to the site we have the Blake range by Ashley Wilde. This stunning collection of six printed and woven fabrics can be used to create a dramatic impact. Available both in strong, bright colours and more muted shades, you can choose to be brave or play it safe. 

bla bl.jpg hock bl.jpg str bl.jpg  vas app.jpg 

bla ras.jpg hock rasp.jpg str clem.jpg vas san.jpg

bla pet.jpg hock pet.jpg str pet.jpg riz clu.jpg

bla noi.jpg hock noi.jpg str noi.jpg vas noi.jpg

str app.jpg hock app.jpg vas duck.jpg riz duck.jpg

Named after well known and more obscure Pop artists, the fabrics pack an exciting punch. You can combine the designs in this collection together through curtains, blinds and cushions, with confidence, knowing that you will be left with a contemporary, stylish look.

Click on the individual fabric images above for pricing and sizing information.

bl cam 2.jpg bl cam 4.jpg 

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