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Product Guide:

caring for your curtains

Curtains and Valances

On unpacking your curtains or valance there may be some creases or pressure marks. These will normally fall out quickly after hanging in a warm room. Alternatively, the curtains or valance (except velvets) may be lightly ironed with a warm dry iron on the reverse side (hems and sides should not be pressed). Steam or excessive pressure or temperature should be avoided as these can stretch or shrink the fabric. 

Curtain Cleaning

We recommend all lined products are dry cleaned.


Velvet pile is prone to flattening during transit or cleaning which can show as patches of darker and lighter shade. These marks will usually disappear when the curtains have been hung but it may be necessary to assist by careful steaming (with a kettle) and brushing upwards to lift the pile. Velvet should always be dry cleaned and never ironed.

Curtain Shrinkage

For washable fabrics a shrinkage of up to 5% may occur if washing instructions are followed. To reduce the possibility, washable fabrics should be hand-washed, drip dried and ironed in a lengthways direction before fully dry. Shrinkage in any fabric can be minimised if your curtains are dry cleaned.