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Product Guide:

Fitting Roman Blinds

When your Roman Blind arrives it will contain everything you need for fitting except screws and rawl plugs which vary depending on the type of wall.

Tools you will require are a drill, a 6mm drill bit, and a philips screwdriver.

The first step is to fix your brackets to the wall or window frame. You can face fix the brackets or top fix them to the frame, wall or ceiling.

You will need to use two screws for each bracket.

Mark through the screw holes making sure they are level and in line. It's a good idea to check with a spirit level.

With the brackets removed, drill and fit rawl plugs if necessary. Use wall plugs for plaster and masonry walls. We recommend securing a wooden batten to the wall for plaster walls to ensure a strong hold.

Fix each bracket in place, checking the alignment as you go.

Once the brackets are securely in place, the track can be mounted. The track needs to be hooked onto the front of the brackets and then the back of the track clicked into place.

Press the white levers closed to secure the blind; they should click into place. It is a good idea to peel away the blind from the velcro track when you push the levers into place. The levers will then be hidden by the blind. Only peel away one section of the blind at a time, to prevent the blind from falling down.

The chain safety guide needs to be mounted to the wall to help reduce the risk of strangulation. It is not entirely foolproof but should be used to keep the chain out of the reach of children and minimise risk.

With the safety guide on the chain, mark a suitable mounting position for the guide, at a point where it keeps the chain taut. It is essential that the chain safety guide is installed at the maximum distance possible from the control mechanism to prevent the looped chain becoming slack. This must be no lower than 150 cm from the floor.

Use appropriate fixings to mount the safety guide with the chain attached. The chain will sit in the safety guide at all times, ensuring the chains aren't dangling freely.

WARNING: Young children have been strangled by loops in the cords and chains used to operate roman blinds. Please read through our safety guide for roman blinds before fitting your blind: Roman Blind Safety