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How to Make a Room Look Bigger – Fool Proof Tips

The illusion of space is something many of us yearn to achieve in our homes. In this day and age, house prices and rental fees are through the roof and building an extension or moving into a larger house just may not be affordable or practical.

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The good news is; there are ways and means to help make a small room look and feel bigger without knocking down walls or packing your life up into boxes. Read on for some of our quick and simple home décor tips on how to make a room look bigger.

  • Start by clearing out the clutter. You will have to be ruthless to achieve the minimalistic look but it will be so worth it. Empty clutter from shelves, coffee tables and window sills and keep only the most sentimental items. Sell the rest or donate it to charity shops. Your space will already feel roomier.

  • Choose sleeker pieces of furniture – chunky, oversized sofas dominate a small room and suck up room for not really any benefit. Exposed feet on your sofa may seem like an insignificant factor, but choices like this make a huge difference.

  • Redecorate with light colours! Whites and creams are the key to creating an illusion of space. The light colours reflect natural light much easier and creates a pleasant, airy feeling in even the smallest of rooms. You can add accents of colour with pictures on the wall if it feels a little too boring to your taste.

  • Choose light fabrics to frame your windows for that ever necessary privacy. Delicate net curtains do just the trick and allow you to keep onlookers out, whilst letting plenty of light stream into the room. Jardinieres are a great consideration too, continuing the theme of light, flowy fabrics which allow plenty of light in.

  • A really simple but effective trick is to source and hang a large mirror. It will make your room feel double the size and does a great job of reflecting the available light. It also makes a good focal point in a room that has been decluttered of the normal trinkets and odds and sods.

  • Add items to your room which accentuate height such as hanging lamps or tall shelves – they work wonders as they encourage the eyes to look up and survey the room and the space available as a whole.

  • Remember to keep design and patterns in your room simple.

  • Shift your furniture around so that there is an inch or two of space between furniture and the walls. This works well to create the illusion of space and air and gets rid that of that cramped feeling.

This list of ideas may seem small but combined, these small changes can make a huge difference in helping to make a room look bigger. Incorporate these changes into your home and see what you think.

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