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Product Guide:

How to Order Net Curtains

Welcome to our handy guide to ordering net curtains. Let us take you step-by-step through the ordering process.

Step 1: 

You can reach the net department from the home in page in the following ways:

1. Hover over the 'Nets' heading in the top of the home page. A black-bordered box will pop up...

2. You can click on 'Jardinières' (the nets with an upwardly curving bottom),

3. Or 'Net Curtains' (for standard net curtains).

4. Alternatively, click on the photo of the net curtain under the main photo.


Step 2:

A new page showing the extensive range of net curtains will open. 

You can narrow down the results by clicking the options on the left hand side.

In this example I've chosen 'floral' (1) and 'white' (2).

When you find a net you like, click on the photo. You can see here, that I have chosen Foxley.


Step 3:

 You will be taken to the product page, which is filled with handy features, such as...

1. Click here for a free fabric sample.

2. Click here to view our measuring and size guides.

3. You can see the estimated delivery time frame here.

4. This tab box contains the fabric description, delivery details and returns info. Click on each tab to find out more.

5. You can see here the fabric composition, care instructions and other details.

6. Click on these photos to see close-up photos of the net.

7. Some alternative nets are recommended here

If you scroll to the bottom of the page you will find a grid with the prices for all the different drops.


Step 4:

 To the right of the main photo you can see that step one invites you to enter your window width and drop.

Before you do this, make sure that you have selected either centimetres or inches. The blue button shows which you have selected. In the example below, I have chosen centimetres.

My window measures 100 cm, so I have entered ‘100’ into the box. You don't need to type in 'inches' or ‘cm’; this is displayed to the right of the box.

Now you can choose the drop/length of your curtain by clicking on the drop down box. A list of choices will pop up and you can click on the one that is right for you.

 nets step-4.jpg

Step 5:

If the drop you would like is not shown, why not take advantage of our speedy alteration service? Simply click on the next longest drop.

My window is 140 cm long, so I have selected 152 cm.

Click on the 'Alter Drop' box and a new box will pop up for you to fill in with the finished drop you require. 

 nets step-5.jpg

Step 6: 

If you are ordering several nets, to save confusion, it's a good idea to enter a room name for each net.

This allows us to label them up before we send them out so that you know which net belongs where when they arrive.

Click the green 'Continue' button to carry on to the next stage.

Well done, you have made it to the halfway point!

nets step-6.jpg

Step 7: 

Take a deep breath; this is the most complicated part...

The system will automatically double the width of your net for you. As you can see from the photos below, to achieve a nicely gathered heading on a net curtain, the net needs to be twice as wide as the window. 

So for my window of 100cm, the net will be doubled and cut at 200cm.

If you would like a more generous gather for a luxurious look or for extra privacy, then change this to 2.5 or 3 times.

If you don't want too much pleating or if you want to preserve as much daylight as possible, choose 1.5 times. 

If you don't want any gather or have already allowed for pleating, then choose 1 times gather. We will not add anything at all in this case and so, if you have a window that is 100cm wide, for example, you will receive a piece of net that measures 100cm in width.

 nets step-7.jpg

Step 8:

We offer two different heading styles. The standard slot top is the traditional net curtain heading. This gives an informal gathered effect and a net wire or rod can be fed through the slot top for hanging.

Pencil pleat has a heading tape stitched to the top of the net. This can then be gathered up into more formal pleats by pulling the cords at either end of the curtain. The pencil pleat headed nets can be hung using a net rod or wire or alternatively you can use hooks and hang from a track or pole. This is useful if you would like to open and close the net curtain.

nets step-8.jpg 

Step 9:

The net curtain will arrive as standard with a cut edge. Net curtain is designed and made not to fray, although some of the finer voile type nets can fray a little. Having the curtain edged gives a much neater finish. We can either overlock the edges or turn the raw edges under and stitch side seams. Just click on the button for the finish you require.

 nets step-9.jpg

Step 10:

Nearly finished! You can see from the summary below how wide the window is, how long the finished drop will be, which heading you have chosen and how the sides will be finished. The total price is shown in red. If you would like more than one net this size, you can change the quantity by clicking on it. Simply click 'add to basket' to add the net to your shopping basket.

 nets step-10.jpg

Step 11:

If you haven't asked for your nets to be altered, at this point the following screen will appear. As the drops are approximate, we offer a gentle reminder that if you want your nets to measure exactly the right drop, it is best to have them shortened. If you click 'no thanks' the process carries on as in step 12, below. If you click 'yes please' the alteration box will pop up as in step 5 above.


Step 12: 

Once you have clicked the 'add to basket' button, the screen will scroll to the top of the page where you can see (if you are quick!), the net you've ordered being added to the basket. You can close the basket or click 'go to checkout' to complete your order. Congratulations! You have added your first piece of net to the basket!


Step 13:

When you are ready to complete your order you can click on the red checkout button, next to the shopping basket in the top right hand corner of every screen.


Step 14:

This will take you to the basket so that you can pay for your order and enter your delivery details. If you would like to be guided through this process, click here: Step-by-Step Guide to Checkout.


 We hope this guide has helped you. If you are still having problems or need any help please don't hesitate to email ( or call us (01953 603529) and we will be happy to assist.