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Lining Types

Several customers have got in touch with us recently, wondering what 'interlining' is, so this week's blog post is about the lining options we offer within the made to measure department.

The four choices are: Standard, Blackout, Standard Interlined and Blackout Interlined.

1. Our standard lining is 100% cotton sateen. It has a 'solprufe' coating which prevents fading and sun damage. This lining will improve the drape of your curtains, creating a more substantial, fuller look.

standard blind.jpg

2. The blackout lining we have chosed is certified '100% blackout'. This means that no light will pass through the fabric itself. How does it work? The lining fabric has a coating applied which blocks up all of the tiny pores in the weave which would usually allow the light to pass through. The chemicals used can sometimes create a very stiff, unyielding fabric but we only use 'supersoft' blackout lining which is, as the name suggest, very soft. Blackout lining is available in white and cream and looks much like a standard lining; to clear up a common misconception, it isn't black!  Blackout lining also has thermal qualities, helping to prevent draughts and minimising the loss of heat, in the same way that thermal lining works.

(Please do be aware that blackout lining, by itself, will not black a room out completely. Some light will seep in around the edges of the curtains or blind, especially if you have chosen an eyelet heading or a recess fitted blind.)blackout lining.jpg

3. Both standard and blackout lined curtains are also available with interlining. Interlined curtains have an additional layer of fabric in between the lining and face fabric. This additional layer is best described as a light blanket. Interlined curtains form more rounded, fuller pleats and have an opulent, sumptuous appearance. They also have added thermal qualities, blocking draughts and avoiding heat loss. As such, this lining type is the perfect solution for a door curtain. Interlined curtains hang best on a floor length drop. 


(The photos show a green face fabric and the different types of lining)

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