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Made to Measure or Altered to Fit?

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Why do I have to pay delivery for my made to measure net curtains and ready-made curtains when delivery is free for made to measure?


Made to measure curtains are made specifically for each customer, from beginning to end, so the customer chooses the fabric, lining type, heading style, width and length. The curtain makers start with a roll of fabric and go from there. It is unlikely that there is another pair of curtains the same in the world! As each pair is made especially for each customer, from start to finish, then the cost is much higher than it is for ready-made and net curtains which begin life as factory-made products. Due to the higher value and price, we offer free delivery to lessen the costs involved and by way of a thank you. 


Ready made curtains can be shortened to fit. We can also convert pencil pleat heading to eyelet and vice versa, depending on the length. The curtain makers start with a packet of ready-made curtains and alter these to your requirements. We cannot buy the fabrics that ready-made curtains are made from, we can only buy the ready made curtains already made up into curtains and then adapt them to suit your needs. Rather than build the cost of delivery into the price of each pair of curtains, as other retailers do who offer 'free' delivery, we are very clear about the cost and charge only once per order. 


Net curtains can be bought in any width and shortened to fit. We can also add a pencil pleat heading and offer three options for side finishing.  The curtain makers cut the net curtaining from a roll. The slot top heading, and hem is already in place on the roll.  If we were sending it to you direct, without any alterations or side seams, then we would simply cut the piece from the roll. So although we are altering the net for you, it is not made to measure in the sense that it’s made from beginning to end just for you. As with ready-made curtains, we do not build the cost of delivery into the price of the net curtain, but add this on at the end, ensuring you only pay one delivery charge per order and you know exactly how much delivery is being charged.


We appreciate that it can be difficult to understand why delivery charges are made on nets and ready made curtains that are altered to fit, but they do not qualify as made to measure items in the true sense of the word. If you have any further queries please email us at:


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