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Product Guide:

Measuring for Net Curtains

Are you a first time net curtain buyer?

If so, you're probably feeling a bit nervous about getting the measurements right.

Fear not, measuring for net curtains is actually very easy and straighforward. But just like everything else, it's only easy when you know how!



For the drop you simply measure from the top of the wire or rod to where you want the nets to finish. If you haven't fitted a rod or wire yet, then just measure from where you intend to fix the rod or wire (usually approximately 1cm below the top of the recess).

The nets come in standard drops based on standard window sizes. The available drops are as follows:

91cm (36")

102cm (40")

107cm (42")

114cm (45")

122cm (48")

137cm (54")

152cm (60")

160cm (63")

183cm (72")

206cm (81")

229cm (90")

Not all windows come in standard sizes, so you might need to take advantage of our speedy alteration service. To order just click on the nearest longest drop: If your drop is 140cm, for example,  you would choose 152cm, click the alteration box and enter your required drop.

Top Tip: In order for the nets to clear the windowsill take off half a centimetre from the overall drop.



If you have a net curtain wire or rod fitted already then you can just measure this for the width. If not, then measure from one side of the window recess to the other (assuming you want the nets to sit inside the window).

All very simple so far! At this point gather comes into the calculations which can be a challenging concept to grasp.

Basically, without gather the net would be completely flat as in the image on the left:

1.jpg 2.jpg

Most people want some kind of gather to achieve the traditional 'pleated' or 'bunched' look (as in the image on the right).

Double gather is the recommended standard, which means you buy a piece of net curtain twice as wide as your window. The excess fabric bunches up on the rod or wire, giving a generous, softer, gathered look.

If you're buying net curtains from our site, once you've inputted your width measurement, the system will automatically calculate how much extra you need for double gather and add this on for you. You don't need to give it any more thought!

If you want a really full look and want the net to be even more gathered, then just select 2.5 or 3 times gather, as illustrated below:

25.jpg 3.jpg

Top tip: If you have existing net curtains that you are happy with the fullness/gather of, and you want the new net to be exactly the same size, then measure the width of the net itself. When you place your order be sure to select '1 times' in the 'select gather' section and you will receive the width you have inputted. If your net measures 500cm wide, for example, enter 500cm in the window width, click on '1 times gather' and you will receive a piece of net which is 500cm wide.

I hope this demystifies the process. If you are still at all confused, or want to go over your measurements with us, please call us on 01953 603529 and we will be happy to help.