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Product Guide:

Measuring for Voile Panels

If you are hanging the voile panel from a track, you need to measure the drop from the top of the track to where you would like the panel to finish.

If you are hanging the voile from a net rod or wire then you need to measure in the same way but also add on 1.5 cm (or half an inch), to allow for the part of the voile that sits above the rod/wire.

We recommend between 2 and 2.5 times gather.

To work out the number required, multiply the width of the track by 2 or 2.5. divide by the width of the panel (normally 150 cm). Round up or down to the nearest whole number depending on how much gather you require.

Unless otherwise stated in the description, all our voile panels come with a net pleat heading, which is a 5 cm transparent pencil pleat tape. It is a multi purpose tape that allows the panels to be hung from a track/pole like normal curtains, or with a net rod/wire like nets. 

If you need help please email: or call us on 01953 603529.