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Product Guide:

Net Curtain Gather

Once you have entered your window width, please choose the amount of gather you would like.

We offer 5 different amounts of gather, illustrated below:

1 times


1.5 times


2 times


2.5 times


3 times



To achieve the gathered effect you notice at the top of most net curtains, the net needs to be wider than the track. This extra fabric is then either bunched up on the wire or rod (if the curtain has a slot top), or pleated up (if the curtain has a pencil pleat heading).

If you order 1 times gather (i.e. no extra fabric), the curtain will be the same width as the window and completely flat.

If you select the recommended minimum 2 times gather (or double gather) the net will have double the amount of fabric (for example if the window measures 1m, the curtain will be 2m wide). This will give a nicely gathered effect, offering some privacy whilst still enabling you to see out of the window.

If you choose 3 times gather the net will be three times as wide as the window (for example, on a 1m wide window you will receive 3m). This will give a very full, luxurious effect and will offer the most privacy.