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Product Guide:

Ready-Made Curtain Linings

All of our ready-made curtains have a separate lining attached, except for thermal and blackout options.

The standard lining is a light polycotton. This option offers some protection from fading due to strong sunlight and the added weight of the lining helps the curtains to drape better.


The thermal backed ready-made curtains don't have a separate lining, but the reverse of the fabric has a thermal coating. This thermal layer helps to prevent heat escaping as the tiny holes in the weave of the fabric are blocked up. In the summer thermal curtains bring the added benefit of keeping the heat from the sun out of the room, keeping it nice and cool on the hottest of days.

The thermal coating will also dim the room: Whilst not a blackout curtain, the thermal backed curtain will block out more light than a standard lined curtain.


The blackout coated ready-made curtains have all of the benefits of the thermal coated option, but the blackout coating will actually block out the light rather than just dimming it out. Where the thermal backed option has one layer of the coating, the blackout option has three layers, creating a much thicker and denser coating which is consequently more effective.

The blackout coating will stop any light from coming through the curtains themselves but cannot black a room out completely as some light will still seep in around the edges of the curtains. However, if the early rising sun wakes you or your child or if you work shifts and have to sleep in the day, then you will certainly appreciate the darkening effect of a blackout curtain. 

 We also offer separate blackout linings. These white linings are much like a pair of ready-made curtains in themselves, but they have been made up with a small heading tape and sized so that you can hang them from the same hooks as your existing ready made curtains. These linings will work with any of the pencil pleat headed curtains in our range. Click here to view: Ready-Made Blackout Linings.

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