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Product Guide:

Standard or Front Roll?

 front roll.jpg      rev.jpg

Image on left shows Front Roll, image on right shows Standard Roll

We offer two choices for the direction in which the fabric is rolled.


With the front roll option, the fabric rolls over the front of the blind tube.

Front roll avoids potential problems with the blind getting caught on window handles and so is a good choice for blinds that are recess fitted. 

It is not so suitable for blinds positioned on the outside of the recess as a large gap is created between the blind and the wall allowing a lot of light to seep in around the edges. This is particularly problematic if you are aiming to blackout light in bedrooms.


With standard roll, the fabric rolls off the back of the blind tube.

The standard roll sits as close to the wall as possible and minimizes the gap and so is ideal for blinds that are fitted outside of the recess. 

Please be aware that you can see the reverse side of the blind fabric on a standard roll at the top of the blind, which is often a plain white.

If this will be of concern for you we recommend an Evo header, which conceals the top of the blind and offers a neat, sleek finish.