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The Benefits of Blackout Curtains

It is so true that the older you get, the quicker the time goes. It only seems like Christmas was a mere few weeks ago but here we are; spring has sprung and summer is already marching onwards!

It’s at this time of year that blackout curtains are a real lifesaver. In the Second World War that was certainly the case – they were used to ensure buildings were invisible to German bomber planes!

On a different note however, there are several benefits in modern life too.  If you are thinking about purchasing new curtains, have you considered opting for blackout curtains? We address some of the benefits to aid your decision.


Filter out light

If you have young children who wake up at the crack of dawn, the summer months probably won’t help the situation when daylight breaks at around 4am. Similarly, for shift workers or people who like to nap during the day, it’s essential to be able to set the right ambience to bring restful sleep.

This is because blackout curtains can help to keep the room darker for longer. Blackouts block more light from entering the room. Even during the winter months, they can help to block out the glare of streetlights and even passing cars’ headlights, allowing for a rested and peaceful night’s sleep.

Filter out noise

Surprisingly, blackout curtains can also help to reduce outside noise from entering the room. This is because they tend to be made from thicker, heavier fabrics and are lined at the back.

This again can be helpful for those working unusual hours where outside disturbances might be a more frequent problem. Blackouts certainly won’t block out all of the noise but they will definitely help to reduce noisy disturbances.

Energy Saving


Did you know that one third of energy loss when it comes to generating and conversing heat occurs through the windows in your home? You can actually save money on heating and cooling your home by investing in blackouts instead because they do a great job at reducing thermal loss.

Not only do they help to insulate during the winter months but keep the heat of the sun out of your rooms during the summer months, too.

Good investment

It's worth noting that there are two different types of black out curtains available; made to measure and ready made. 

The ready-made blackout curtains don’t have a separate lining, the back of the fabric is coated with the blackout layer. It’s almost like a layer of soft, flexible paint on the back. It works by blocking up all of the pores or tiny holes in the weave of the fabric so that no light can come through. 

In contrast, the made to measure curtains have a separate lining with this coating on the reverse. Blackout lining can be added to any type of fabric of your choosing; heavy or light; printed or woven etc, so you don't have to compromise of your favourite style. 

As both styles have added protection from the sunlight, typically they will last longer compared to other sets. You can be sure you are making a good investment for your sleep quality if you choose either type of black out curtains. Remember the age old adage though; buy cheap, buy twice. Ensure you choose high quality!

As you can see, there are several worthwhile benefits to blackout curtains and they can become an extremely good choice based on your families’ needs. 

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