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The Best Curtains for Cold Weather

Now that autumn is here the temperature has dropped, a fresh new chill can be felt in the mornings and evenings.

Most homes are now equipped with central heating, double glazing and (if you're lucky) perhaps an open fire or wood burner but if you live in a period property and have draughty windows or if you simply want to conserve energy and cut your heating bills, then your curtains can help.

archie red.jpg

Archie Red ready-made curtains

One way to create a sense of warmth is by hanging warm coloured curtains. Red, terracotta, orange or burgundy tones add instant heat and cosiness. Think about the texture of your fabrics too: Chenilles and velvet are soft and warming both to the touch and eye.

Millie LAtte.jpg

Millie Latte velvet ready-made curtains

If you want a more practical solution, we offer a range of ready-made curtains with a blackout/thermal backing. Although they were initially designed to block out daylight, blackout backed ready-made curtains feature excellent thermal properties. They look just like normal curtains from the front but have a coating on the reverse of the fabric which blocks up all of the little tiny holes in the weave, ensuring that no cold draughts pass from the outside in and also prevent your warm air from escaping. 

You can view our range by clicking here: ready-made blackout/thermal lined curtains

Darwin Grey.jpg Luna Mauve.jpg  Nevin Pebble.jpg

left to right: Darwin Grey, Luna Mauve and Nevin Pebble, all are blackout backed, ready-made curtains.

The same blackout coated lining is available as an option within our made to measure curtain department. Although slightly stiffer than the standard cotton sateen lining, the fabric still has a lovely softness to it and drapes beautifully. The blackout lining also adds a sense of weight and substance creating slightly thicker curtains.


Photo shows, from top to bottom: Green face fabric, thick layer of interlining and blackout lining

Another excellent option for retaining heat and preventing draughts is an interlining. This heavy, thick blanket type fabric is stitched in between the face fabric and lining, creating an impenetrable layer. Interlined curtains are weighty and opulent, best suited for longer drops, as they need the extra length to hang well. This type of lining is the ideal choice fro a door curtain. 

Click here to visit our made to measure department and choose blackout or interlined options: made to measure curtains

So there are lots of options to consider if you want to make your home feel warmer and cosier this Autumn/Winter without having to resort to costly new windows or heating systems.

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