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The Best Ways To Add Colour To Your Home

With the arrival of March many of our gardens are bursting into colour with spring bulbs. Our homes can seem a little bit drab in comparison, so here are our favourite ideas for adding colour to your interior without having to redecorate.


Starting with the obvious, fresh flowers will add an instant burst of colour. Choosing fragrant blooms such as roses or hyacinths will bring the added bonus of scenting your home without resorting to air fresheners. Potted plants will ensure the colour lasts longer, especially if you opt for easy to care for plants such as succulents.


 Cushions are the perfect way to add colour without making a permanent commitment. With a neutral sofa you can ring the changes with patterned and colorful cushions.  If you get bored with your look it’s easy and relatively cost-effective to replace the covers for a new style.


 Curtains and blinds are, predictably, our favourite way to add colour. A self-patterned or plain fabric will add unobtrusive colour whilst a multi coloured patterned fabric will allow you to pick out particular shades or tones that you want to emphasise in coordinating soft furnishings and accessories.


 Blankets and throws work well and have the added benefit of giving you something warm and soft to snuggle up with when spending the evening in front of the television of reading a book. Being portable they can be moved from room to room allowing you to change things around when you’re ready for a new look. 

 rug 2.jpg           rug3.jpg

 Large, patterned rugs are a bold way to add colour to a neutral scheme. A fraction of the cost of fitted carpets, rugs allow you to make bold style statements without being tied down, perfect for rental properties.


 Another easy way to add colour is through artwork. Prints are an inexpensive way to add style and colour. Try Etsy for original works without blowing the budget. 

 books.jpg          glassware.jpg

 Don’t underestimate the impact of simple household objects such as books, haberdashery and glassware. Here are three easy and cost effective to add colour simply through arranging what you might have already in an artful manner:


So there are our top tips for adding colour to your home. We'd love to hear your ideas so please share below.

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