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The Importance of Curtain Poles

We know what you might be thinking, but this is a serious article! Curtain poles really are important.

 We know that when it comes to curtains, most people concentrate on the colour and the fabric, at least at first. But in our business, we know how important it is to consider all elements of dressing your windows. Whether that be providing curtains that are measured to within half a centimetre of your given measurements or providing curtain poles that not only match your décor, but most importantly, do their job to the best of their ability!


Choosing the correct size

As with your curtains, making sure you measure correctly when it comes to curtain poles is very important.

When it comes to measuring the width of the pole remember to include space either side of the window. This will allow you to open the curtains properly, allowing the maximum level of light to enter the room during the day time. For most fabrics, we suggest adding an additional 15-20cm onto the measurement for either side of the window. If you have chosen a particularly heavy fabric however it would be best to add even more to give the fabric more room when pushed back. In case of the latter, you will also need to consider a curtain pole bracket which can be fitted to support the centre of the pole. We recommend hanging your curtain pole 10-15cm above the window.

Choosing the right style

It’s also very important to ensure you select the correct style of hanging method for your needs. There are a few different variations to consider and a couple are only suitable for a select few types of curtains.

Classic curtain poles will work with every curtain heading and are the prime choice for most people’s needs. Eyelet, pinch pleat and tab top headed curtains will all require a pole. Poles from Curtains Curtains Curtains are sold as a set which include brackets, rings and screws so you can fit your curtain pole in one fell swoop.

Net wires are ideal for hanging net curtains, due to the extremely lightweight fabric that is used. Usually the wire will be hung from eyelet hooks attached to the window frame or a net rod.

Tension rods are ideal for mounting curtains within a window frame, needing no screws or hooks; the rod holds itself in place so is easy and fuss-free to fit.

Curtain tracks are really only suitable for pencil pleat curtains. The downside to a track is that it will be in full view as the curtains hang beneath. Typically, curtain tracks are only available in white plastic and this can have an impact on your desired appearance. A pole will be visible too of course, but there is a wider choice of decorative options available when you choose a pole instead.

For the majority of people a traditional curtain pole will fit the bill for your curtain needs. If you are hanging light weight or net curtains however, you will need to consider the options mentioned above.

Choosing the right colour

The colour of your curtain pole can really have an impact on the overall finished look of your window. The curtain pole can also help to add style to your room! Consider some of the finishes you already have for other items in your room – does your furniture have brass handles for example? If so, a brass curtain pole could finish your windows off nicely and match items already in place. You’ll usually find the colour of material to match your need from different wood finishes, to metals and simple colours like cream.

If you are looking to buy new or placement curtain poles, why not read out Help Hub guide which answers some other frequently asked questions about tracks and poles

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