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The Wonderful World of Orla Kiely

Orla Kiely has joined forces with Ashley Wilde to create a new collection of distinctly Orla Kiely printed fabrics, which we are very pleased to be the first to offer on the internet. 

 Orla 81.jpg  Orla 191.jpg

We've had the fabrics online for a while now but have just received the lifestyle photoraphs, which we're excited to share with you, fresh off the printing press!

Orla 71.jpg  Orla 91.jpg  

Featuring the Linear Stem, Abacus Flower, Seventies Oval Flower and the signature Multi Stem design amongst many other iconic patterns. 

Orla 151.jpg  Orla 171.jpg 

Printed on classic 100% cotton canvas, in her distinctive palette of warm dandelion, Seagrass, Orange, Olive, cool greys, Moss, powder blues and dark marine.

Orla 411.jpg  Orla 31.jpg  Orla 121.jpg   

This collection is designed to inspire our customers to create and bring the Orla Kiely world to their home.



Click here to view the range of fabrics online: Orla Kiely

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  • Anne Pattinson | 22 Apr 17

    Totally adore anything Orla Kiely..

  • Liz Eldridge | 21 Apr 17

    Absolutely stunning xx

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